We are a team of experienced NDIS support specialists who provide invaluable guidance and consultancy services to organisations wanting to become an NDIS registered provider. Our expert NDIS consultants create a personalised end-to-end experience and make the process easy for you.  

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dacsa consulting service includes:

  • Introduction to NDIS

  • Overview and identification of registration groups

  • Preparation of verification or core module responses to the commission in accordance with the NDIS Practice Standards to assess conformity

  • End-to-end registration including preparation and submission of application to the Commission  

  • Provider Obligations – guidance to satisfactorily meet your obligations as an NDIS registered provider

  • Review of NDIS Commission Scope of Audit Report  

  • Recommendation for an NDIS approved quality auditor

  • Stage 1 Audit

    • Preparation of customised policies and procedures for the purpose of operating as an NDIS Registered Provider

    • Preparation of customised forms and registers

    • Guidance in collating the required business and key personnel documents 

  • Stage 2 Audit (where applicable)

    • Pre-audit training

    • Provision of audit roadmap

    • Audit attendance

    • Post-audit response to auditors (if applicable)

  • PRODA training

  • Ongoing support for one month after approval


We have a 100% success rate in obtaining NDIS registration for the clients we have taken through this process. 


We will take the time to sit with you and your team to go through the process and answer any question you may have.